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Sea Glass

Beach Blanket

Beach Blanket

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Our Mexican Striped Blanket is a versatile blanket that you can take anywhere. They come in three different color palettes: Earth Tones, Bright Tones, and Pastels. They are the perfect blanket to take with you to the beach or decorate a room with. They are also environmentally friendly and sustainable by being made of 100% recycled fibers.

The Mexican blanket is a traditional piece of Southwestern decor, known for its bright and vibrant colors, bold patterns, and soft, comfortable texture. This blanket is both durable and breathable, making it perfect for use as a bedspread, throw, or picnic blanket. The intricate design of this blanket is inspired by the rich history and culture of Mexico and features a variety of geometric patterns, stripes, and stripes that are sure to brighten up any room. Whether you're using it to stay cozy on a chilly night or to add a pop of color to your decor, the Mexican blanket is a must-have for anyone who loves traditional Southwest style.

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Environmentally friendly

Made using 100% recycled fibers

50% Polyester, 40 % Acrylic, 10% Cotton

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